8(a) Social Disadvantage Narrative Manual

Our manual provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to write your 8(a) social disadvantage narrative successfully, ensuring it meets the latest SBA 8(a) Program requirements. Sample 8(a) narratives are included for Indian/Pakistani/Asian, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Black, Hispanic and Caucasian Women. Join the ever-increasing number of individuals who have used our manual to secure SBA approval for their 8(a) social disadvantage narrative.

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Our manual includes everything needed to prepare your required SBA 8(a) social disadvantage narrative to ensure it meets the latest guidelines as of October 2023.

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Review our simple to understand instructions of everything needed to craft your own narrative. We even include a worksheet to help build your narrative.

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Our guide asks you the questions to help you recollect past instances of discrimination. 10 authentic narratives are included to assist in constructing your own narrative.

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Explains Everything

Defines the social disadvantage narrative, its notable attributes, and the important areas of concentration for you.

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Craft your social disadvantage narrative yourself with evidence. Our cost-effective guide vs. expensive Attorney fees.

Real Questions

Contains over 30 key prompts in the areas of Education, Employment and Business History to help you recall past instances.

Real Examples

Provides sample SBA approved social disadvantage narratives to assist in constructing your own narrative.

Whats included:

Since September 2023, our manual has been effectively utilized by hundreds of current 8(a) program participants and prospective 8(a) program applicants to successfully prepare their required 8(a) social disadvantage narrative. Our comprehensive manual spans over 80 pages and includes:

  1. Clear, step-by-step instructions for constructing an effective 8(a) social disadvantage narrative for the 8(a) program, encompassing everything needed. This includes an explanation of the 8(a) social disadvantage narrative itself, eligibility criteria for socially disadvantaged individuals, key focal points required within your 8(a) social disadvantage narrative, and a detailed walkthrough on crafting your own personal 8(a) social disadvantage narrative. 
  2. A total of 10 authentic and comprehensive 8(a) social disadvantage narratives outlining chronic and substantial social disadvantage experienced, each containing at least 2 separate discrimination incidents per narrative, all of which were given the green light by the SBA for establishing the social disadvantage requirement. These narratives serve as a reference to help you gain insight into the structure and content of an acceptable 8(a) social disadvantage narrative. Sample 8(a) narratives are included for Indian/Pakistani/Asian, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Black, Hispanic and Caucasian Women.
  3. A detailed compilation of the types of admissible evidence that can be furnished to substantiate and corroborate assertions of discrimination made within your 8(a) social disadvantage narrative. Please note, evidence is not necessarily required but can be used to supplement your narrative if the further burden of proof is requested by the SBA.
  4. A collection of 30 prompts/real-life questions to ask yourself, accompanied by examples, intended to assist you in recollecting and depicting your experiences of discrimination within the three areas of education, employment, and business history.
  5. A worksheet to aid you in recording and expressing your personal experiences of discrimination, encompassing essential details such as the time (When), location (Where), individuals involved (Who), specific incidents (What), reasons or motivations behind the discrimination (Why), and the manner in which it occurred (How). These elements are pivotal for identifying and presenting your 8(a) social disadvantage narrative.

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